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Parent and Student Orientation

 Blaze parents and students, please join us Tuesday, August 27 for a fun and informative time of preparing for the exciting school year ahead!

The schedule:


AP English 10-11:30

Pre-AP  English 12:30-2:15

All Math Classes 3-4:30

AP orientation will be located upstairs in the AP classroom and Pre-AP and math will be held downstairs in the Blue Room.

Designed For Homeschoolers

At Blaze University, students are immersed in complex thinking, critical reading, and challenging writing, taught from a biblical worldview in a way that is both fun and practical. In a real brick-and-mortar classroom, complete with an accessible teacher and like-minded peers, our classes complement the homeschooling lifestyle.  We understand the importance of middle school and high school academics, the advantages of dual credit, the value of a stellar transcript, and the benefits of a positive, social learning environment.  We offer all of these things and more.

First-Rate Curriculum

Does AP and Pre-AP sound intimidating? You might be surprised by what an apt fit these classes can be. Does your student hate writing or love it?  Adore reading or struggle to keep up?  Or somewhere in between? We offer high-quality classes and workshops for all kinds of students, designed to meet them where they are at. Students will learn to write with sophistication and read difficult texts as they engage in rich and varied genres.

Because of our structure and quality curriculum, many students that might not seem ready for AP thrive in our classes.

Commitment to Excellence

Our mission is to provide the finest in academic instruction, in a way that supports the homeschool family and honors God. What's more, our AP classes offer potential dual credit for college as well as adding distinction to the homeschool transcript.  But our classes are not only for advanced students and those interested in college credit; they are for all sorts of students at various levels who want to thrive in education and beyond.

Why Enroll in Blaze University? 3 Reasons, For Starters

1. Academic Excellence

To equip students with a top-notch education, outfitting them for the rigors of college and beyond.

2. Love of Learning

To infuse students with a love for reading and writing, or if they already have that love, to nurture that passion and fan the flame.

3. College Credit

To earn up to 2 college classes worth of credit. While college credit is not guaranteed, Blaze University prepares students for the AP English Language and Composition exam and AP Human Geography exam in May each year. Depending upon the college of your choice, credit may be offered based on the student’s AP exam score. Whether college credit is awarded or not, both the AP and Pre-AP classes add honor and prestige to a high-school transcript.

Mission Statement

Blaze University exists to partner with parents in providing education to homeschool students that is 

Christ-centered, rigorous, attainable, nurturing, and engaging.

"Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire." 

-William Butler Yeats

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Blaze University

Classes held at First Montgomery Baptist Church, 20423 Eva St. Montgomery, Texas 77356

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