Rachel Saltarelli—AP English Language and Compostion, Pre-AP English

I’ve been married to Mr. tall, dark, and handsome for 28 years. We have 2 boys and 2 girls, 3 of whom are adults, and all of whom have only known homeschooling. I’m a certified biblical counselor, published author, speaker, AP English teacher (trained and authorized by The College Board), Sunday School teacher, and a German Shepherd Dog mama. But, my best credentials are my children, who have won various academic and athletic scholarships and writing contests. Most importantly, they’ve survived their mom, enough said.  

I studied at Liberty University and have been teaching classes of homeschoolers and tutoring for over 12 years.  Dozens of my students have won merit-based scholarships and essay contests, achieved high SAT scores, and earned college credit through high AP exam scores. As a member of the NRA Texas Youth Education Summit (Y.E.S) committee, I selected student winners and taught speech and leadership to some of Texas' finest youth.  Additionally, I have had the privilege of teaching English at a Christian camp in Italy for the last 7 years. I consider myself immensely blessed to be able to do what I love most— teach my children and my students—in an environment where our faith can be expressed naturally.


Paul Moon—AP Human Geography

I have been married to my wife Tiffany since 2003, and we have been blessed with two wonderful children.

Since 2010 I have taught in Texas public high schools, teaching Pre-AP World Geography at Conroe High School since 2013. I have been named Teacher of the Month numerous times and have presented training sessions at CISD's district-wide Social Studies staff development on the "flipped classroom" model.
I am also a licensed Baptist minister, ordained deacon, and youth ministry volunteer at First Montgomery Baptist Church.

(Paul is too modest to mention this, but he also has the winning combination of being passionate about teaching both geography and kids. He is even more passionate about his faith and living it out through the way he serves others. He has many talents, but one of them is undoubtedly his humor. Kids love him!)


Lori Stinebaugh—Precalculus, Algebra 2, Geometry, Algebra 1

I have been blessed to have married my college sweetheart, Jimmy, in 1999, and we have been blessed with three beautiful daughters—Sarah, Mary, and Abby. We are thankful God has called us to homeschooling, which was not our original path. It is funny how our plans are not always His. I am so thankful for that. 

I have always been drawn to teach. It is an absolute joy to my heart to watch students transition into confident learners who are willing to persevere through hard problems and to see their joy when they “get it.” It never gets old. I have had the privilege of working with hundreds of students over the past 20 years, and I have never met a student who can not succeed in math and learn to love seeing the amazing patterns of math.

Looking back, I can see God’s providence in preparing me for teaching. What at the time seemed like preparing for a career, now I see as a passion to equip God’s children and see His perfection. I received a Bachelors in Math/Kinesiology from Texas A&M in 1998 and a Masters in Educational Leadership and Curriculum from A&M the following year. 

After getting married and following my husband (a Marine) to California, I taught at Laguna Hills High School in Orange County for a couple years. When he finished his four year tour and transitioned into his current job, we moved to Florida, and I taught high school mathematics at MacArthur High School in Broward County. After my oldest was born, and we moved to Georgia and then Oregon, I stayed home and took on some individual tutoring. Finally, ten years ago, we returned to our home state, Texas. I began writing curriculum for mathematics one grade at a time and teaching classes. I wanted to ensure my children did not have the “holes” I sometimes saw with students and that they were prepared for the rigor of high school when they got there. 

Five years ago, I began directing a cooperative (again not my original plan, but what a joy it turned out to be). I run the mathematics department, and it has given me joy to see these kids grow year after year. 

I am excited to work with Blaze students and build them up and equip them to be leaders for Christ! God is good! Thank you for trusting me with your babies. I look forward to seeing the fruit of their labor. Give me a warm cup of coffee and let’s work some math!