What Are Parents Saying?

Natalie K.

"Blaze has outstanding classes. Rachel is passionate, talented, and thoughtful. The students learn so much."

Karen L.

"Blaze University is exactly what we needed! The more challenging curriculum and higher level of accountability, have improved our writing beyond my expectations. Rachel Saltarelli is a gifted teacher and has a genuine passion for writing. Her kind and gentle nature make this highly rigorous class a breeze! We feel blessed to be a part of this amazing place." ❤️ 

Stephanie C.

"Excellent Pre-AP English course that is challenging for my daughter while also giving her the classroom experience as we home school. I can trust the content they discuss is engaging while being appropriate for young minds. Rachel Saltarelli is passionate about writing while holding the students to a high level of excellence and accountability."  

Michelle C.

"Blaze University has been fantastic for my 16 year old son. He does not particularly like writing but looks forward to class--this is a big deal for him. Mrs. Saltarelli is very encouraging and and has a big heart for those who want to learn. We are loving this amazing opportunity!"

Alicia J.

"Blaze has been wonderful for our family! Rachel is encouraging and fun while instilling principals that help kids excel in writing. Her expectations are high but she fully equips them to reach their full potential." 

Carly O.

 "Blaze University provides our local homeschool community with amazing higher-level learning opportunities presented with a worldview compatible with what we instill in our students at home. We are so blessed to have these classes available to us and have already seen amazing growth in our student's literary analysis and writing abilities. Mrs. Saltarelli is preparing her students for great things ahead!"

Teresa O.

"Lori has not only taught math to my children for several years , but more importantly, she has taught them to LOVE math because she loves math. Her passion, excitement, and confidence about learning are contagious and refreshing! 

She creates an atmosphere of intellectual stimulation, encouraging questions and inspiring her students to want to learn more.  Lori spends time engaging each child, going above and beyond what is expected, using her wealth of knowledge, experience, and her creative, memorable methods to teach strategies and critical thinking skills, helping them understand and embrace difficult concepts. Instead of doing a math "problem," they will be playing with circles. 

Her investment in my children has been so much more valuable to me than any math book, video or even a college class. She not only teaches them to love math, but builds relationships with them and motivates them to rise up to high standards, stretch themselves and develop habits of excellence, shaping their character and giving them ownership, REAL confidence to grow. Whether your student is gifted, struggling, or just lacking the love of math, Lori will breathe new life into the subject and help them soar!"

April W.

 "Blaze University has SAVED our homeschool experience!!! I was struggling to get one of our children to write. After taking a writing course under Rachel Saltarelli's teaching, she now writes not only for academics, but for fun as well. Rachel does an excellent job at making her class exciting without dumbing down the material." 

Stephanie B.

"Mrs. Stinebaugh truly has a passion for math. It not only comes through in her teaching but also in her desire to help every student in her class succeed, as if they were her own child. She has high expectations and expects a lot from her students. The amazing thing to see is not only that the students have a desire to meet her expectations, but that they enjoy the process along the way. I have seen so many children come to her class without a love for the subject.  Through her excitement for math, compassion for her students and her creative teaching style, students quickly will name math as their favorite subject. I am a firm believer that not all math classes are equal. Mrs. Stinebaugh offers individualized attention that cannot be matched in a community college setting. Her goal is to ignite the student's confidence in their abilities while teaching them valuable tools to succeed. A question she often asks her students is 'How do you spell math?'. . . FUN!"

Stacey T.

"My kids are thriving and maturing as writers under Rachel’s instruction! We have truly enjoyed being a part of her Pre-AP class!" 

Janis I.

"After examining almost two years of mathematics instruction provided to my daughters, I would highly recommend Lori and her abilities as an educator. In my experience  all good instructors must have the knowledge and command of their subject along with the ability to explain and deliver the information to his or her students, and Lori certainly is up to the task. However, to be a great teacher there is no replacement for a true love of the subject matter, as it is this love that will infect and improve the classroom beyond any method or training. I can truly tell you that Mrs. Stinebaugh loves math, and because she loves it, she loves sharing it, and because of this, my children now share her love for it.  A true love of a particular field of study is not something that is common, but as I look back over my educational experience this is the one thing that my finest instructors had in common. If you are looking for an instructor that will go the extra mile with her students and help them to appreciate both the function and beauty of mathematics, Lori is that person."

Terri B.

"Blaze has been a wonderful experience for my daughter. She loves class and has enjoyed her writing assignments. Rachel is so sweet and encouraging. She is well organized and sends weekly e-mails regarding assignments. We are so grateful to have found such a dedicated teacher! Thank you so much Rachel!"  

What Are Students Saying?


"Mrs. Saltarelli is incredibly helpful and very understanding of tough and uncontrollable situations, which makes her the best teacher I have ever known."


"The programs [Mrs. Lori] has made have been well planned and thought out so that it is easier to learn. She has taught me even how to be a teacher when my classmates and I made and presented one of the lessons. Her teaching is fun and effective . . . . I have loved being in her class!"


"Thank you so much Mrs. Saltarelli for all that you have done to pour into me this year. I have learned and grown so much, and I owe it all to you!"


"Mrs. Stinebaugh is the greatest math teacher I have ever had. I used to never care for [math] but Mrs. Stinebaugh changed that. She is always helpful and notices when I struggle. She believes in all of her students no matter where they are. Her love and kindness reflects onto the students and gives them inspiration in math."


"It is clear to me that I have learned more in Mrs. Saltarelli's class than any other writing class I have ever taken. Before I started her class, I didn't even know what an expository essay was. I owe all of my writing skills to her."


"Thank you for teaching math with such joy [Ms. Lori]. It truly helped make math more bearable and maybe a little fun. Also thank you for having such faith in me. It meant a lot."


"Mrs. Saltarelli is the best writing teacher ever. She helps each and every student comprehend what she is teaching while making every activity fun." 


"Thank you, [Ms. Lori], for another awesome year! You are the best!"


"[Ms. Rachel], I have bloomed tremendously, and my writing has improved greatly because of you. The way you teach makes writing my favorite subject. You are such a wonderful and fun person to be around, which is why I have loved being in your class and am looking forward to being with you again in the fall. "